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Top 11 Best Beaches In The World

We can all agree that after months of polar vortexes and a winter that refused to quit, the idea of hitting the beach sounds pretty terrific, right? That’s hundreds of millions of days working that could have otherwise been used getting hopelessly sunburned on the white sands of Hawaii or jumping from cliffs into the turquoise Mediterranean. So now that we’ve convinced you that a beach vacation is an imperative for a perfect summer, next comes the big question: where to go? Which are considered the best beaches in the world?

The planet—which, reminder, is 70 percent covered by water—offers innumerable beautiful beaches, from famed spots like Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana to secret swatches in Crete and Thailand, and while we’re not ready to declare one perfect beach for all travelers, there are several that should be added to your bucket list. Well, we’re almost there. And to help get the ball rolling, we rounded up our favorite 11 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Top 11 most beautiful beaches in the world

1) Hidden Beach

Where: The Marieta Islands by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Why it made our list: LOOK AT IT! While no longer as hidden as the name might suggest, this beach is rumored to have been formed by the Mexican military detonating test bombs in the early 1900s.

Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach

Bonus: Think of the street cred you’ll get by dropping a reference to the secret, underground beach you just got back from vacationing on. Also, there’s a water tunnel you have to pass through to get there.

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